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“We don’t have time! Let’s get something fast! Sushi or pizza?” I’ve heard these phrases a countless amount of times. Especially now, COVID-19 has created the new norm of delivered food.

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But when consulting the variety of different take-out options, taste and healthy selections are both important factors. Natural Japaneats has both bases covered. Their food follows macrobiotics ideas and an anti-inflammatory diet. Therefore, their food has minimal unhealthy oils and sugars without compromising the hearty flavour.

Daifuku mochi, a famous Japanese dessert from Natural Japaneats

The menu is diverse from miso soups to main Japanese dishes to dessert! For daifuku mochi, a dessert, there are eight different main flavors and many many seasonal flavors to choose from. The onigiri, or rice balls, have traditional condiments inside such as ume (pickled plum) or completely outside-the-box flavors that you can only get at Natural Japaneats such as walnuts and miso.

Art and Japanese culture combined through Natural Japaneats

It’s not just the taste! The natural but colorful palette used in Natural Japaneats’ menu is amazing. Not to mention the sushi art they make. These adorable Japanese masterpieces come in different animals and characters making your stomach growl.

Make sure to check out the website to pre order your batch at the website below!

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