Handcrafted Coffee Mugs From Michele MacDonald

Nothing satisfies like an awakening morning mug of freshly ground coffee. Dark roast, light roast, ethically sourced, Columbian, Guatemalan, the combinations are endless. So much focus is placed on the coffee itself that we often ignore the vessel it’s in. When was the last time you bought yourself a mug? Most mugs in my cupboard are holiday gifts & wedding prizes. I rarely head out in search of a proper mug and I don’t give much thought to how they’re built. What I focus on is price and design, if those two axis intersect, then I’ll buy the mug. Last year, I attended Toronto’s One of A Kind Show, which changed my experience with coffee mugs and pottery as a whole.

Michele’s Road To Making Handcrafted Coffee Mugs

Michele MacDonald’s path into the world of ceramics begins with an extensive multi-year high school arts program before entering Ontario College of Art & Design’s Fine Arts program. Michele’s post art school journey took her from painting, to colourizing movies, to furniture & prop building, to graphic design work. All these experiences unified when she accepted a position at Gladstone Clayworks. Michele’s passion for colour and design pushed her to delve into the chemistry of glaze making; a craft she constantly develops.

From handmade coffee mugs to pottery Michele can do it all

Michele’s bright & powerful designs are evident in her Paper Series where layers of shape, colour, and texture come together in the form of an elegant mug. Through her Water Series, Michele uses shades of blue and expands her product line, crafting cruets, planters, pitchers, and holders. I’d like to refer to this as her blue period, similar to Picasso. The pieces are visually stunning, bringing tranquility to the viewer.

If you’re feeling adventurous, Michele’s YouTube videos teach how to make your own handcrafted coffee mugs, cruets, and trimming devices in addition to glazing techniques. For more information on Michele MacDonald Studio and to purchase her products visit: https://www.michelemacdonaldstudio.com/

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