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Badaboöm Studio is a screen-printing online store created by illustrator Jean-Luc Bonifay. Jean-Luc is a Montreal illustrator blending digital and traditional art through screen-printing. He takes his traditional digital style and crafts it into keychains, necklaces, patches, pins, prints, and t-shirts. The products have a unique vintage style, which fits in with today’s retro nostalgia fixation. It’s like Jean-Luc cut inspiration from an 80s Avon catalogue or a viewing Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. His apparel sports vibrant colours and designs reminiscent of an acid trip. His work is a middle finger to corporate brands with more class than PG Hot Topic fodder. The company started with a few prints on Etsy, growing into a full line-up of t-shirts, pins, cards, and totes.

T-shirt with a flair for vintage art
Careful who you trust these days…

The catalogue is littered with angst, not for those afraid to make a statement. “Let The Pizza Guide You Home” pins, tees, and patches show a slice of pizza in a lighthouse guiding home strays. They’re my personal favourite. There’s a “Where’s Waldo” feel to each piece. Jean-Luc challenges you to find the meaning behind his art or create your own.

Image for post
This one stole a pizza my heart

You can find Jean-Luc’s items on badaboom-studio.com, Etsy, or in local independent retailers like Scout on 405 Roncesvalles Ave or 1140 Queen Street East.

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